Caustic & MEROX treatment Training Course

Consultant/Trainer: Egbert van Hoorn & Frank Oehlschlaeger

The Petrogenium Caustic and MEROX Treatment training provides unique insight into the design and operation of Sulphur Recovery and Tail gas treating units. Over many years the Petrogenium experts have gathered deep technical expertise in caustic treatment and processes. This knowledge and resulting best practices built the foundation for the course.


This Petrogenium course can be tailored for awareness/inexperienced staff, for intermediate and for experienced personnel. Furthermore the course can be customized for a specific refinery, plant or unit. The option for post-course consultancy/help-desk support is also available.

Participants may include: Experienced operators; Unit and responsible engineers; in Downstream Refinery, Upstream Oil and Gas or LNG establishments.

The duration of the course is flexible. 1 day is the minimum although this can be extended to 2 or 3 days dependent on the client: the programme example given is for 3 days. Operator training will typically be limited to 2 days.

Learning Objectives

The seminar time and content can be adapted to client requirements because of its modular concept. It can be given in one, one-and-a-half, two or three days, dependent on the subjects of interest for the client. The best results are gained with the inclusion of client operating data and problems into the discussions and exercises.


Day 1
Caustic treating principles
Caustic treating for H2S removal and prewash
Amine H2S extraction of LPG fractions:
  • Importance of pretreatment
  • Reduction of caustic consumption
  • Main operation point
Mercaptan extraction from LPG fractions:
  • MEROX® process
  • THIOLEX® process
Mercaptan extraction from condensate fractions
Exercise on understanding

Day 2
Mercaptan extraction from light gasoline fractions
Equipment Review for extraction of RSH
Required analysis and schedule
Troubleshooting operational problems
Mercaptan sweetening of normal gasoline fractions:
  • Traditional sweetening process
  • Minalk® process
  • Mericat® process
  • Caustic free process
Required analysis and schedule
Troubleshooting operational problems
Exercise on understanding

Day 3
RSH sweetening of Kerosine fractions
  • Traditional UOP fixed bed process
  • Modern UOP fixed bed process
  • Mericat J® process
  • Caustic free process
Required analysis and schedule
Troubleshooting operational problems
Exercise on understanding
Minimizing caustic disposal
Caustic neutralization and oxidation