Imagine “… your steam cracker is not running reliably enough or you face chronic slowdowns or shutdowns and process safety incidents. Imagine a world where your cracker runs like Swiss clockwork, at maximum rates and economic optimum for at least 4-6 years uninterrupted. This world is within reach and we help you get there with our experts.”

This is a typical example of what we can help you with: from seemingly small problems to major investment decisions and improvement programs.

We offer solutions that help you to thrive in the upward and survive the downward cycles that the petrochemical industry faces. Our services are listed in more detail below.

Our consultants know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. Our petrochemicals services are based on the experience and knowledge gained by servicing a large number of operating companies throughout the world. This means that we understand your challenges and provide tangible results that create bottom line value to your business. We may show you possibilities to get more out of your assets that you were not even aware of yet.

Our services cover three areas:

1. Asset Improvement and wider license to operate

  • Root cause analysis and technical failure investigation

  • Process Safety Analysis and Reviews

  • Steam-cracker Operational Improvement programme

  • Operational health check and day-to-day unit optimization

  • Unit availability and utilisation review

  • Short-term oil-chemical-interface review and optimisation

  • Turnaround planning and execution support

  • Feedstock and product supply and logistics services

  • Fouling abatement studies

  • Corrosion inspection and reviews

  • Furnace performance reviews

  • Remote helpdesk support

    2. Facility master planning and strategic support

    • Benchmarking

    • Process configuration and integration optimisation

    • Long term oil-chemical-interface optimisation

    • Energy management

    • Sustainability and energy efficiency services

    • Green chemicals

    • Technical Due Diligence

    • Project Cold Eye Reviews (e.g. verification of soundness of process design package)

      3. Customized training and coaching programs

      • Technical coaching (e.g. base chemical technologist in-field program)

      • Leadership coaching (e.g. mid-management coaching during 1st major turnaround or major project execution)

      • Interim management (e.g. Interim Technology Manager)