Strategy & License to Operate Consulting

Craft a competitive strategy and secure sustainable long-term operations of your Assets with our consulting team. Our seasoned experts have a track record of leading assets through strategic challenges to increase competitiveness and sustain the license to operate.

Stefan Kardos


The dynamic landscape of the Oil and Gas industry request for tailored solutions to navigate your Asset and Supply Envelopes through complex regulatory environments, optimize operations, and ensure long-term sustainability.

We help clients with asset transaction services as well as site expansion, license to operate strategic planning and implementation services in the fuels manufacturing industry.

Our Services Include:

Transaction related Asset & Supply Envelope
  • Transaction General: support with asset valuation, acquisition structuring, negotiation tactics
  • Pricing and Marketing strategy: In-depth market research and price scenario analysis to support informed decision-making in mergers and acquisitions
  • Technical Due Diligence: a deep dive analysis of the Transaction target assets integrity, feedstock and product contracts and quality of the organization
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Identifying and addressing potential risks to ensure a seamless transition during M&A activities
  • Post Merger Integration: preparation of an implementation plan to achieve an orderly transition to new ownership and maximizing the value of your investment
  • Owners team support

Growth Investment & License to Operate related:
  • Investment Planning: Customized strategies to align business goals with market trends and opportunities.
  • Decarbonization Strategy: support owners in developing technology pathways to meet their decarbonization strategy objectives
  • Renewable Fuels Strategy: using our renewable fuels domain expertise to help clients to accelerate the maturation of their renewable fuels strategy programs
  • Private Equity Firms: strategic reviews of investment prospects in waste to chemicals, bio and synthetic fuels and traditional fuels and petrochemicals manufacturing

Use cases:

Acquisition of Refinery Portfolio in Latin America

Client challenge: Top strategy consulting firm advising the offering for a company to expand its in-country operations.

Our solution: At request of a top strategy consulting firm, we conducted technical due diligence on the operating and maintenance cost and staffing levels of the refinery portfolio. Local interviews were held with management and our findings were successfully implemented in the offering.


Repositioning a Europe based Hydrocarbon Tank Storage company due to Energy Transition

Client challenge: A Europe based Hydrocarbon Tank Storage Company with stable financial performance requested support for their future strategy as a result of accelerated energy transition.  

Our solution: A strategy was formulated on three pillars to optimise, expand and diversify that could double EBITDA within 5 years. Existing sites are being transformed to platforms of growth by integration in the value chain of operating assets of oil majors (for jet growth and as the distribution hub of bio-components). New bio and circular feedstock processing technologies were identified to enable the Company to enter the bio and circular feedstock and fuels supply business and drive integration into chemicals value chain.