Technical Operations Consulting

Accelerate process unit design ideas by involving our consulting team members as part of your team. Reach out to our experts to perform structured plant troubleshooting analysis. Our seasoned experts have a track record in delivering these activities in the Oil & Gas industry.

Jari Marci

Practice Lead Technical Design & Operations Efficiency

Since its founding in 2015 Petrogenium has delivered more than 250 projects to their clients.

Our experts support Asset owners in their daily Operations challenges such as plant troubleshooting, unit performance reviews, fouling and corrosion behaviour, catalyst performance and cycle length planning challenges  and solving general remote helpdesk questions.

In conceptual design we help  Asset Owners with design reviews, feasibility studies, process simulation (using our ProII model), process control and dynamic simulation covering most of process units in refinery and petrochemical plants.

Our experts have worked in refineries and petrochemical plants in similar process technology, plant engineer and leadership roles as you are in now. As such there is no learning curve, and it helps you to focus directly on the problem and work-out jointly to a solution.

Our Services Include:

Technical Design related:

  • Feasibility studies: conceptual design and feasibility studies with with industrial standard capex estimates to test the viability of design improvement proposals
  • Process safety : facilitate HAZOP sessions or participation of our experts in owner team sessions
  • Process Modeling : provide process modeling (static, dynamic and CFD) support using our ProII license and with our partners
  • Process Licensing Options : independent advise on selection of process licensing options
  • Design reviews : use our experts in unit operations for a review of your process design or basis of design

Operations Efficiency related:

  • Troubleshooting and Incident Investigation : root cause analysis support for all process units to find bad actors and mitigating solutions
  • Unit Performance reviews : support clients with (remote) unit monitoring, onsite visits to evaluate unit (under)performance
  • Catalyst performance analysis : independent advise on catalyst performance and selection of new catalysts
  • Unit Startup and Shutdown support : our experts help Owner teams with unit startup / shutdown activities
  • Remote Helpdesk support : with remote helpdesk services Owners have direct access to a large expert pool

Areas of Expertise:

Our experts cover almost all Process and Engineering disciplines in the industry.
Process Disciplines covered:
  • Distillation, Phase Separation and Membrane Technology
  • Hydrotreatment
  • Light Ends Conversion
  • Gas/Liquid Amine treating, Sour Water Stripping, Sulphur recovery
  • Environmental processes
  • Water & Waste Treatment
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking
  • Hydrocracking
  • Residue Hydroprocessing
  • Thermal Conversion
  • Bitumen Process
  • Base Oil
  • Gasification & Hydrogen Manufacturing
  • Natural Gas Processing, LNG and Cryogenic Storage and Loading
  • Power to Liquids, Gas-to-Liquids
  • Energy Systems & Utilities
  • Fired Heater & Heat Transfer
  • Carbon Capture Utilisation
  • Petrochemicals – Upstream (Ethylene Cracker Unit)
  • Petrochemicals – Aromatics Distillation
  • Petrochemicals – Methanol
  • Petrochemicals – Downstream (PP + HDPE + LDPE)
Engineering Disciplines covered:
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Machinery Failure Diagnosis – Fitness Services
  • Materials and Inspection – Non Destructive Testing, MISI