Performance Improvement Services Consulting

Improve your supply and manufacturing profitability margin, operational efficiency, unit availability and optimise your operating and maintenance costs for your Asset with our consulting team. Our seasoned experts have a track record in realizing margin uplift and cost performance projects from lower to top quartile performing assets in the Oil & Gas industry.

Jörn Falbe

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The competitive and dynamic landscape of the Oil and Gas industry calls for regular performance reviews of its participants.  Top Quartile performers, Enlightened Asset Owners have leading positions whereas New Entrants and Lower Quartile performers needs action for survival.

We help Asset Owners with shifting their gears to improve performance of their Asset and Supply Envelopes against the backdrop of the changing environment, using our experience,  proven approach and commitment as applied with multiple clients in the industry.

Our Services Include:

  • Gap Analysis: Determine current Asset and Supply Envelope performance against industrial benchmarks
  • Idea Generation and Gap Closure: Co-create with the Owners team new ideas and improvement tactics in agreed priority areas inside the Asset as well as in the Supply region
  • Selected Focus Areas: Feedstock and Product Quality, Supply and Margin, Logistics, Sales and Operations Planning, Working Capital review, Energy cost & Hydrocarbon Loss analysis, Operations Excellence, Routine & Turnaround Maintenance and Reliability, Carbon Footprint and HSEQ performance, Organization & talent management 
  • Enabling Strategies: Enabling and supporting strategies such as Digitalisation of systems to increase efficiency of work processes, deployment of latest technologies
  • Financial Modeling: Financial cost and margin impact of improvement ideas are modeled in the LP to reflect the economic impact to facilitate strategic decisions
  • Implementation: Coaching and design support (eg feasibility studies) with the implementation of the selected opportunities for improvement

Use cases:

South Asia refinery Margin Uplift workshop 

Client challenge: Integrated  Refinery and Petrochemicals  complex was economically challenged with poor margins.

Our Solution: Petrogenium delivered a team of 3 consultants and worked on the key margin contributing units. On site the team delivered idea workshops in a period of 2 following weeks together with site engineers, managers and operating personnel. The Petrogenium team identified 21 new ideas with a cumulative beneficial value of 45 MM $/ annum. This equals to 0.65 $/bbl crude intake additional Hydrocarbon Margin.

Supply Market Options Review for Heavy-Ethylene Cracker oil 

Client challenge: A Petrochemical Client requested Petrogenium to study alternative commercial sales options for their Ethylene Cracker Oil (ECO) because the client wants to limit/reduce its use as site fuel oil.

Our Solution:  The Petrogenium team carried out a desktop study and held a workshop at Client site to discuss the findings. Petrogenium made a comparison of ECO stream properties versus potential commercial fuels properties and pricing and blend calculations were made to assess the feasibility and quality and price of the blends. New commercial sales options for the ECO were identified which benefitted from the absence of sulphur compounds.