Petrogenium at NACS Convenience Summit Europe 2018

Petrogenium‘s Downstream Commercial and Retail section attended the NACS Convenience Summit Europe, 3-8 June 2018, in Warsaw and London.
The conference focussed on Digitalisation, Payment and the move of Petrol Retail from „fuels first“ to „food first“ in an increasing number of European markets.

Attendees showed great interest in Petrogenium‘s growing role in providing international downstream retail and commercial businesses with strategic, technical, commercial and educational support.

For more details please contact:

Patrik Jacob
Managing Consultant | Practice Lead Retail

Gerhard Koebe
Managing Consultant Commercial

Petrogenium at ERTC 2017 in Athens

Petrogenium provides refineries with strategic and technical support.

Petrogenium has been providing this support to a number of refineries in Europe and Asia throughout 2017, including:

  • A workshop to assess a refinery’s current strategy to become residue free
  • An assessment on a refinery’s bitumen production strategy and advice on improvements
  • Delivery of a crude oil fundamentals training covering topics such as origin, geochemistry, quality variations, assays, nuisance properties, opportunity crudes and trends
  • Facilitating a crude oil workshop at a refinery including crude oil fundamentals training, crude oil problem areas-assessment and a review on the refinery’s crude oil acceptance process
  • A debottlenecking study of an amine gas absorber unit using process simulation software
  • A review of a refinery’s current gasoline production strategy based on crude diet, current operational targets to identify key weaknesses and opportunities for improvement

Petrogenium is sponsoring the ERTC 2017 in Athens and representatives are present and available for discussion.

For more details please contact:

Tammo Beishuizen
Managing Partner

Stefan Kardos
Associate Partner