Join our team at Petrogenium

We are constantly on the lookout for new team members who share our enthusiasm and passion for technology and business solutions. Experts with hands-on operational, technical, and consulting experience are encouraged to get in touch. If you are passionate about sharing your professional know-how with current asset owners, please send your CV and a brief outline of your situation and goals to us at
What we look for:

Our consultants have backgrounds with the top international oil, gas, petrochemical companies, energy asset owners or consulting firms.

They worked at senior, management or executive levels. We require a minimum of 15 years’ international experience in the oil, gas or energy industry. Typically, our principal consultants have 25 years work experience and many of them are recognized (world-class) experts in their field and industry.

Our team knows what it takes to succeed. We have seen numerous operating sites and businesses, so you can say that we were in the same boat. We coach, train, give advice and support implementation, and we do not shy away from challenging our clients. We bring with us:

  • Hands-on know-how of your operations
  • Quick understanding of your challenges
  • Best practices and standards
  • Proven world-class up-to-date experience
What we offer:

We are a group of high-profile independent consultants. We aim to provide challenging work, at all levels from senior consultant through to partner, for leading customers in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and renewable resources business. Working for Petrogenium combines the flexibility and control of a freelancer with the power of a consulting network. The majority of our work is in Europe, Africa, and the Middle and Far East. Our consultant team is international with a majority of the members working out of the Netherlands and others living in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.