Digital Transformation

Digitalisation is a key enabler in today’s business transformations. Whether you want to optimise your current operations, enable the Energy Transition or improve your HSEQ performance, Petrogenium’s digital experts offer the experience and capability to help you and your company deliver business value from Digital.

As trusted business advisors, we work with you towards tailored solutions, enabling you to digitalise operations, identify and action opportunities from big data and advanced analytics and transform your organisation into a digital business. 

Bert Natalicchio

Practice Lead Digitalisation

Digitalisation refers to the process of leveraging digital technologies to convert analogue information, processes or services into a digital format. It involves the use of digital technologies such as automation, data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and other evolving technologies to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness. In the context of business, digitalization often involves the digitization of manual processes, the integration of digital tools and technologies and the optimization of data-driven decision-making aiming to provide new revenue streams and value realisation.

Digital Business Transformation: Digital business transformation is a broader and more strategic initiative that goes beyond the digitalisation of individual processes. It involves a comprehensive and organization-wide shift in how businesses operate, deliver value, and engage with customers. Digital business transformation encompasses the integration of digital technologies, changes in organizational culture, the redesign of business models, and a re-evaluation of customer experiences. It is not merely about incorporating digital tools but rather a fundamental rethinking of business strategies to leverage the full potential of digital technologies for innovation, growth, and competitiveness. Digital business transformation aims to create a more agile, customer-centric, and technology-driven organization.

Through Petrogenium’s Digital Practice, we offer access to an exceptional pool of experts combining extensive energy and chemicals experience with in-depth digital expertise, providing a unique, business-centric digital delivery capability tailored for the industry.

Business leaders and technical experts in unrelated fields are often confused by the jargon associated with digital. Yet they are expected to make crucial decisions in digital programs with implications beyond their comprehension, often with large financial implications.
Petrogenium offers you a comprehensive set of digital services for your industry provided by an independent, extensive network of digital experts with deep experience in the energy and chemical industry to support you as trusted advisor in your digital journey.

Our experienced consultants have a track record of leading complex digital business transformations, as well as tailored digitalisation projects. They have been responsible for digital technology programs and portfolios for some of the world’s largest oil & gas operating companies.
Building upon Petrogenium’s digital community of practice, allows you to navigate through all stages of your digital journey from building digital strategies and roadmaps, through program design and delivery to sustained business transformation.

Client Benefits:

  • Digital expertise combined with industry experience: As a specialised technical consultancy, Petrogenium offers a unique blend of extensive Energy and Chemicals experience, combined with rich expertise in digital business transformation. This differentiates us from management consultancies and IT system integrators, as our consultants have hands on experience working in the industry, faced your challenges and know where, when and how to apply digital technologies to solve them.
  • Independent advisors: Petrogenium operates as independent digital advisor, without commercial ties or interests in specific digital products or services. As we work with you, we consider ourselves to sit at your side of the table and bring you the service or product that fits you best.
    Our mission is to make your digitalisation journey a success.
  • Pragmatic Approach: Our focus is on incremental returns and an affordable digital (r)evolution for our clients. While we design with the future and scalability in mind, we aim to implement in short rapid return cycles, bringing early benefits from digital to our clients. With this approach organisations learn by doing, build their own community of practice and take ownership for their digital journey independent from external resources.

Digital Services:

At Petrogenium, we offer a comprehensive range of digital services aimed at helping businesses integrate digital technologies into their operations and processes to enhance efficiency, improve decision-making and drive overall business growth. These services encompass:
  • Digital Readiness Assessment: Evaluating an organization’s preparedness for digital transformation by analysing its current technological infrastructure, organizational culture and workforce capabilities. It provides valuable insights to guide the development of a tailored strategy for successful digitalization or business transformation initiatives.
  • Business Strategy Development: Crafting digital strategies and tailored transformation roadmaps that enhance your business value and competitiveness using fit-for-purpose digital technologies, while putting your business objectives and interests first.
  • Transformation Implementation: Deploying practical solutions that drive efficiency, streamline operations and boost business value through the right technology. This can include architecting, deploying, integrating and embedding advanced technologies, typically provided through Industry 4.0, such as real-time monitoring through sensors (IIoT), predictive maintenance using data analytics, optimising operating envelopes with artificial intelligence (AI) and the integration of sustainable practices to optimize operations, reduce cost and improve overall business performance.
  • Change Management: Assisting our clients in navigating organizational changes associated with digital transformation, by working side by side with you to ensure a smooth transition and maximum adoption of digital technologies to sustain the transformation and optimise return on investment.
  • Continuous Improvement and Ongoing Support: Providing continuous support to ensure the sustained success of digital initiatives, and staying abreast with industry advancements, and optimizing technology usage for ongoing business benefits as your dedicated partner.
By leveraging these digital services, Petrogenium empowers our clients in oil & gas, chemicals, utilities and renewables not only to stay competitive but also to lead in their industry. The focus is on delivering tangible business value through the strategic implementation of digital technologies, with a client-centric approach that ensures the success and long-term growth for the clients we partner with.

Digital Use Cases

Examples of work where we can help you:
  • Digital Readiness Assessment
    Petrogenium offers a digital readiness assessment to evaluate your organization’s preparedness for digital transformation by analyzing its current technological infrastructure, organizational culture and workforce capabilities. The assessment provides valuable and necessary insights to guide the development of a tailored strategy for successful digitalization or business transformation initiatives.
  • Equipment trouble shooting and optimisation
    Petrogenium offers consulting on equipment troubleshooting and optimization. By utilizing proven Industry 4.0 technologies, like advanced modelling, performance analysis and data visualisation, we diagnose operational issues and optimize equipment efficiency. We provide deep engineering expertise to help you minimise downtime, enhance operational reliability, and improve overall equipment effectiveness and availability.
  • Spare parts strategies for supply chain optimisation and warehousing
    Petrogenium offers consultancy on digital warehousing and additive manufacturing to reshape the supply chain, enabling our customers to minimize their physical and environmental footprint, reduce costs, and increase efficiency significantly. A digital inventory enables the storage of spare parts in the form of digital twins. This digital model is then imported into a dedicated 3D printer upon request, where it is printed locally and instantly using the materials of choice.
  • Trusted Data as the basis for seamless digital transformation
    We consider data at the heart of digital transformations. Having easily accessible trusted data provides a single source of truth, that is consistently used across the organisation and in every process, for truly informed decision-making. Petrogenium assists you with design and implementation of a tailored architecture for capture, storage, integration and visualization of data. Trusted data is made reliably available to staff and computational tools, as the basis for your digital transformation.
  • Digital enhancement of Capital Projects and Turn Arounds
    The energy and Chemical industry have embraced digitalisation for Capital Project development and Turn Arounds. This can vary from a data driven design approach, AI for planning purposes or robotics for certain activities. Petrogenium consultants can support you selecting and levering the right digital solutions and partners to reduce cost and accelerate your project or Turn Around.