Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) consulting

We understand the critical role of LNG in supplying the world with energy and utilising its benefits as a transition fuel. We are committed to helping our clients optimise their production performance and define strategic options for their future operation. Our diverse team of experts has the ability to support with all aspects of LNG and we are keen to hear about your operation, resolve issues and implement improvements.

Jannes Regterschot

Practice Lead

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of clients, including technical and operational support, performance improvement assistance, development of people and organisation, and joint delivery of strategic programs. Our experts, all with long term careers in the Oil & Gas industry, have the ability to put your issues and challenges in a wider perspective.

Our effective approach is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs and challenges. We work with each client on customized solutions, tailored to their specific situation. Whether you are an LNG producer, developer or receiver, we have the expertise, experience and resources to help you succeed.

Our LNG services include:

Technical Consulting:

Our technical consulting services cover all aspects of the LNG value chain, including liquefaction, storage, transportation and regasification. We can help you optimize your operations, improve energy efficiency, or reduce costs. Our team has extensive experience in the design and construction of LNG facilities, and in terms of LNG project development we can provide guidance on everything from equipment design & selection to safety protocols.

Training and people development:

We offer a wide variety of training programs to help you and your personnel develop the skills you need to succeed in the LNG industry. Our courses cover everything from LNG fundamentals to more advanced topics such as Reliability Management or Specialised Engineering courses. We provide training on-site at your facility or at our training center, depending on your needs. In special cases we will jointly develop fit-for-purpose coaching programs for key staff.

Improvement programs:

LNG sites must continuously monitor their performance and compare themselves in order to keep up their performance, stay safe and competitive. Many LNG operations apply benchmarking to compare themselves with the competition but then fail to make effective next steps. Petrogenium will assist your organisation with the analysis and understanding of performance reviews and run dedicated workshops to identify those measures necessary to realise performance improvements.