Jari Marci

Principal Consultant

Jari is a passionate process engineer with many years of experience in Refinery and Mid-Stream Process Technology design, licensing, start-up, operation, research and development, and customer unit support. His specific areas of expertise cover residue processing technologies with an emphasis on visbreaking and thermal cracking. Jari has successfully designed and revamped numerous thermal conversion units including novel design concepts and energy integration schemes as well as extensive shutdown and started-up experience. He is familiar with troubleshooting various visbreaking and thermal cracking processes inside and outside Shell. Besides his core competency and admiration for the black-side of Refining, he acquired expertise in gas treating, general gas processing, and distillation.

Jari reached his level of expertise whilst working for Shell in Germany and Shell’s technology consulting team for Downstream and Midstream Processes in the Netherlands where he was responsible for a global Shell, Joint Venture, and external client base.

In 2018 Jari left Shell and joined Petrogenium as Principal Consultant Thermal Conversion Technologies and Gas Processing.