Egbert van Hoorn

Principal Consultant

Egbert has spent almost his entire career of 35 years in the technical support and troubleshooting of Amine units, Sour Water Strippers, Sulphur Recovery Units and Claus Tailgas Treating Units for a variety of companies serving customers worldwide. He developed very successful training seminars for Amine and SWS as well as for SRU that he has presented more than 100 times.

Egbert joined Petrogenium in 2016, as Principal Consultant Sulphur and Treating Processes.

While working at many different operating sites in the Downstream Oil, Upstream, and Petrochemicals industry, he gained sound understanding of the integration of Amine, SWS, SRU, and Claus Tailgas Treating units in oil refineries and gas plants. He has expert knowledge on the presence of trace contaminants causing foaming, corrosion, or solvent degradation in the various sour streams.

In the Oil and Gas industry Egbert is considered a world-class Amine, SWS, and SRU expert who is very passionate about creating value for the customer and is willing to share his know-how in an open way.

Deep expertise in theoretical and applied Research and Development as well as operating experience of HDS units complement his profile.