Fuels Quality Management Training Course

Consultant/Trainer: Paul van Oers

The Petrogenium Fuels Quality Management course will provide an introduction into and raise awareness of the importance of managing all aspects of the final product quality as delivered to your customer, including fuels quality management, products specifications, applications and release policy.


This Petrogenium course can be tailored for awareness/inexperienced staff, for intermediate and for experienced personnel. Furthermore the course can be customized for a specific refinery, plant or unit. The option for post-course consultancy/help-desk support is also available.

Participants may include: all staff dealing with fuels quality e.g. operations, laboratory, economics & scheduling, process engineers and technical staff.

Learning Objectives

The properties of crude oil and refined products; awareness of refinery production processes and the link to final product quality; background o bio-fuels quality parameters in relation to application and the management of e.g. production, blending; managing product quality through the supply chain; balancing fuel quality and economics; will include a case study on an actual incident from a client.


Day 1
  • Introduction and customer PQ (product quality) issues
  • Crude Oil
  • Oil movements
  • Overview of the refining processes and product refining
  • Product quality at the refinery
  • Product quality giveaway & exercise
  • Regulatory & specification changes
  • Gasoline & application

Day 2
  • Diesel & application
  • Management of change
  • Residual fuel oil & application
  • PQ trends & developments
  • Biofuels (FAME, ethanol, HVO)
  • Product quality incident management & exercise

Day 3
  • Aviation fuels
  • Product contamination
  • Data interpretation & decision making (& exercise)
  • Sampling & testing
  • Fit for purpose
  • Product quality in the supply chain
  • Course evaluation