Our training programmes are designed for professional staff working in the Oil & Gas industry in Upstream, Midstream or Downstream markets. New hires or staff working on new process units at gas processing sites, refineries or LNG plants will benefit from our very experienced teachers and their hands-on expertise. Our courses contain many real life examples as our lecturers were in the same boat as you. We explain the process unit line-up, economic drivers, process and safeguarding controls, but also how to monitor the unit and examples of frequent troubleshooting issues from an owner perspective.

Typically, we tailor our courses to the client process unit site configuration and we deliver the course on-site (at the company’s plant/refinery) for a group of operators, engineers, and supervisors. However, we also conduct the highly popular Introduction to Oil Refining Course for single applicants at the Petrogenium Headquarters in the Amsterdam area, the Netherlands. Our courses deliver immediate value – the lessons can be directly applied in the field. We hope you enjoy glancing through this Course Catalogue; please contact our Training Department at for further questions.

Some of our courses:

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  • Introduction to Oil Refining
  • Hydrocarbon Economics and Upgrading
  • Fuel Oil and Fuel Oil Blending
  • Operational Excellence
  • Operations Readiness Workshop
  • Structured Problem Solving & RCA
  • Safety in Process Design
  • Corrosion Control in Crude Units
  • Distillation Operation and Design
  • Fundamentals of Hydrotreating    
  • Catalytic Reforming     
  • Hydrocracking
  • Thermal Cracking Process
  • Energy & Utility Systems
  • Amine Treating and Sour Water Stripping
  • Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating
  • Critical Overview of Renewable Resources
  • Fundamentals of Aromatics Recovery/Extractive Distillation

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