Downstream Commercial & Retail


“… your downstream customer’s business has become unwieldy, kept busy with micro-management and rather slow at reacting to fast-changing customer behaviour and upcoming technologies. With our support your organisation will gain back adaptive responsiveness and up-to-date capabilities using a structural approach to develop a fit-for-purpose organisation, to coach and train the people in charge, to design efficient processes and contracts and to approach the markets with a marketing-driven mindset.”

Downstream Commercial & Retail

This is a typical example of how we work. It illustrates what we would like to help you with: from identifying the root causes of current weaknesses to business opportunity programs and operational solutions.

Our Downstream Commercial and Retail advice is based on real long-term experiences. Our consultants understand your situation from a hands-on point of view. We support retail and commercial business units with focussed problem solving, capability improvement and strategic changes.

More specifically, our services cover three levels:
1. Efficient Operations

  • Troubleshooting
  • Incident investigation
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Communication
  • Process and operational improvement
  • Gas closure activities
  • Roadshows, conventions, gatherings
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Educational Seminars
  • New IT integration
  • Project Management

2. Business improvement:General Management

  • Change Management
  • Margin Improvement
  • Loss prevention model review
  • Logistics optimisation
  • Operational excellence
  • Supply excellence
  • Asset Management
  • Mid-Management in-field coaching
  • Business planning and review cycle optimisation
  • Interim Management
  • In and out-sourcing

3. Strategy

  • Support of Joint Ventures and Merger & Acquisitions
  • Investment Planning
  • Masterplan reviews
  • Pricing and Marketing
  • Re-structuring
  • Owners team support
  • Strategy review / growth
  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Compliance, HSE and HACCP structures and culture