Consultant/Trainer: Anand Sundarrajan

The Petrogenium Ethylene Cracking Technology course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of distillation technology for engineers and technologists from hydrocarbon process industries. This unique 4-day course is tailored to cover fundamental aspects of distillation design, operation and troubleshooting.


This course is intended for wide range of professionals from hydrocarbon process industries with entry level to mid-level industrial experience.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this course the participant will acquire in-depth knowledge of Ethylene Cracking Technology beginning with position of Cracker in the value chain, Cracking furnace Technology, Coking/decoking, Quench system, cracked gas compression, recovery train, Cold Box, C2/ C3 hydrogenation, safety events, contaminants hydrates & economics of production. The Participants will be able to apply their learnings to – operate/trouble shoot their ethylene plant, understand key variables when formulating a design basis for an ethylene cracker project.


Day 1:
  • Cracker in Hydrocarbon Chain
  • Pyrolysis Chemistry
  • Cracker Furnaces Part 1
  • Cracker Furnaces Part 2
  • New Technology & State of the Art
  • Recovery Train General

Day 2:
  • Recovery Train Pyfrac
  • Recovery Train Compression
  • Recovery Train Contaminants removal
  • Recovery Train Dirers
  • Recovery Train Cold Box
  • Recovery Train H2 processing
  • Recovery Train Refrigeration

Day 3:
  • Recovery train fractionation
  • Recovery Train Hydrogenation
  • Recovery Train Fouling
  • Safety Events
  • Direct Quench

Day 4 :
  • Contaminants & Hydrates
  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Coke – Decoking
  • Speciality Items – Cold Box
  • Economics of Production