Defect Elimination Training Course

Consultant/Trainer: Ramon Publico & Francisco Amara

Defect elimination is often seen as the little brother of root cause analysis. Or, is it? While RCA efforts are usually prioritized around big show stoppers — the most critical defects threatening plant operations — RCA has one fundamental flaw: it is reactive. Defect elimination involves a different team and a different culture in a parallel, supplemental effort to improve asset productivity by reducing the cumulative impact of hundreds, if not thousands, of minor defects before they grow bigger. In this sense, DE is the smarter, faster little brother of RCA. This training course provides a unique, structured approach for a defect elimination culture to take hold within an organization.


This Petrogenium course can be tailored for intermediate staff and for experienced personnel, including technical staff, supervisors and managers.

A pre-requisite is that participants have attended the Root Cause Failure Analysis course.

Furthermore the course can be customized for a specific refinery, plant or unit. The option for post-course consultancy/help-desk support is also available.

Learning Objectives

To equip participants with management and cognitive tools to promote a self-learning organization relating to defect elimination within an oil & gas context; to enable the participants to apply learnings on actual facility defects, current and future.


Day 1 – morning session
  • A review of the RCFA process
  • Top-down RCFA vs bottom-up RCFA
  • The defects elimination process
  • Nature and Sources of Defects
  • Defect elimination tools

Day 1 – afternoon session
Organizing and Managing Defect Elimination Projects
  • Technical, administrative, and logistical requirements
Case study 1

Day 2 – morning session
Creating a Culture of Improvements
  • Elements of organizational culture
  • Assessing your organizational culture
  • Discovering best and worst practices
  • Defect prevention practices
  • Continual learning about the costs of defects
  • Measuring success

Day 2 – afternoon session
Case study 2
Common pitfalls
  • Scope
  • Structure
  • Culture