Well, Reservoir and Facilities Management Training Course

Consultant/Trainer: Frans ter Laan

How can production be increased by 10-20 %? How can reserves be increased? How can costs be reduced? How can performance be optimized to minimize GHG emissions? The Petrogenium Advanced WRFM course is an interactive course for Upstream oil and gas companies who want to maximize the value of their assets.

The WRFM course will provide, from reservoir to sales point, industry best practices for teams to understand that, when followed, will deliver WRFM opportunities that maximise an asset value, typically against marginal additional costs or resources. The course will cover all key activities and resources required for performing WRFM successfully and will show how to close the gap to the Asset’s potential. The course is highly interactive with several exercises that can be tailored to the asset challenges.

The course is designed to teach the WRFM workflow to ensure students fully understand oil field practices following the plan-do-review loop. The biggest performance impact is realised by getting staff working together hence it is key that all key asset practitioners attend this course together to enable integration, achieve shared understanding of key issues and get the most out of the course.

The course typically will be given with two or three highly experienced instructors to cover surface, subsurface, and business improvement.


The Well, Reservoir and Facilities Management course is best suited for experienced personnel across various disciplines and asset leaders who need help integrating different functions and disciplines. It can also be tailored to less experienced staff with greater emphasis on addressing basic principles.

The course is designed for asset teams and integration of disciplines is critical. Participants typically include Production Operations, Production Technology, Reservoir Engineers, Process Engineers, IT/IM, Metering & Allocation engineers, and Asset leaders. The class could be up to 35 people.

The course should be given on site, in this way participants would get most out of it and the course is designed for asset teams. However, a shorter awareness course is also available. Please contact Petrogenium Academy to learn more.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will understand how to apply industry best practices in WRFM to their assets and identify areas for improvement. In addition, they will learn about lean management and how to apply it in the WRFM process. Based on the outcome of the WRFM course and the insight that lectures will get while giving the course, the option for post-course consultancy and a second tier course with the necessary technical content to improve performance of any weak part in the process is also available.


WRFM 5-Day Training Schedule

  • Day 1: Setting the scene
    • Introduction to WRFM
    • WRFM plan
    • Data acquisition and data management
    • WRFM process and structured reviews
  • Day 2: Daily Optimisation
    • Daily Production Reviews
    • Limit diagrams and IPSC
    • Operating envelopes
  • Day 3: Optimisation of the integrated system
    • PSO reviews
    • Well and Reservoir reviews
  • Day 4: Facility optimisation
    • Process engineering
    • Technology selection
    • Annual facility reviews
  • Day 5: Bringing it together
    • Performance management
    • Opportunity management
    • WRFM Improvement plan