Willem Dijkstra

Principal Consultant

Willem has been passionately working for almost 34 years in catalyst manufacturing (Engelhard/BASF) in Research & Development. Consequently, he became specialist in catalyst performance testing on continuous and batch applications for various downstream refining processes, Fats & Oils applications, pharmaceuticals synthesis and Fisher-Tropsch testing both as hands-on researcher and as team leader. In this role also technical advice and guidance is given to many industrial customers for setting up relevant testing protocols, round-robins, and interpretation of results. Even hands-on commissioning of (pressure) equipment setting up verification protocols has been part of his daily work.

In 2023 Willem decided to leave BASF and to join Petrogenium as Principal Consultant Catalysts and Performance testing.

Willem is (co)author of various patents in the field of catalyzed processes using Nickel catalyst, Precious Metal catalyst, Monoliths, or 3D shaped materials. Also, he published an article in Catalysis Today on Hurdles and solutions for reactions between gas and liquid in a monolithic reactor.