Ulrich Koss

Principal Consultant

Uli (Ulrich) is an internationally renowned technology leader with almost 30 years of experience in oil & gas and energy. He combines scientific excellence with hands-on and dirty-boots experience in the engineering, commissioning, and troubleshooting of process plants from lab to world scale.

Uli loves to work in an international, multicultural arena. For the past two decades he has been a passionate promoter of carbon emission abatement and sustainable fuels.

Leading Lurgi’s gas technology division he was paramount for Lurgi’s success in syngas generation & clean-up, hydrogen, and pre-combustion carbon capture. As a member of Alstom’s senior management he led a world-class R&D taskforce developing CCS solutions for power and industry, among them post combustion and oxyfuel technologies. Later, he focused on large-scale methanol and ammonia synthesis, along with Power-to-Synfuels and Power-to-Chemicals technology.

Uli is a passionate tennis player – focusing on his team, but also boasting recent top rankings in (very, very local) single tournaments.