SV Rajesh

Principal Consultant

SV Rajesh is a project professional with 28+ years of experience in leading CAPEX projects across Oil & Gas and Infrastructure sectors. He has deep expertise in project management, contract management, cost engineering, bid management, capex benchmarking, and project assurance. He has executed projects ranging from USD 20Mn to USD 10,000Mn across geographies in downstream/midstream/upstream through the life cycle of development phases.

SV Rajesh has served as Project Services Manager for Shell and Business & Contracts Manager for Chevron.

Shell Project Academy has accredited SV Rajesh for Global Project Engineering Services Level 2A.

SV Rajesh left Shell in 2019 to pursue his interest in the social sector by working with the United Nations Development Programme as a UN Volunteer and started his second innings in his primary profession in 2023 as a Principal Consultant with Petrogenium.