Shailendra Mehrotra

Managing Consultant

Shailendra is a versatile and accomplished leader with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. He has a proven track record of delivering operational excellence and digital transformation through technology and people. He tackles new and complex challenges and drives continuous improvement. With a persuasive leadership style, he builds high performance teams, embraces diverse environments, promotes creativity and effective problem solving, and achieves breakthrough results.

In his last role in Shell, he led technology opportunity management, quality, performance, and direction of a very large engineering software portfolio. As there is constant evolution of technologies in this domain, all of them inherently “digital,” it is important to influence the vendors and industry consortia to harvest fit-for-purpose technologies that either substitute or append to deployed kit on existing assets and projects. He was directly involved with making those choices in consultation with senior business leaders, considering total cost of ownership, scalability, and sustainability of solutions.

Shailendra left Shell in 2021 and recently joined Petrogenium as Managing Consultant.