Robert Cooper

Principal Consultant

Robert is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working complicated strategic roles in climate change, energy transition, sustainability, plastic waste, biofuels and petroleum refining. Skilled in Policy, Negotiation, Petrochemicals, Biofuels, Petroleum and Refining.​

In 2020 Robert retired from leave Shell and has done consulting in several fields. in the Chemical Industry, advising one of the global top three companies on becoming a leader in the energy transition with the goal of net zero by 2050. He is also consulting on a geothermal to electrolytic hydrogen project.​

His areas of expertise include ensuring projects cover the areas of non-technical risk due to his varied background across manufacturing, supply chain management, retail management, government relations / advocacy and policy development.​

Robert reached his level of expertise working for multiple companies – Esso Chemicals, Monsanto, Suncor, a JV with Neste and Shell across the globe.