Peter Boons

Principal Consultant

Peter is a very experienced chemical engineer who worked in research and development, manufacturing and operations support, process safety and concept development mainly, but not limited, in the EO/EG technology.

In 2022 Peter retired from Shell and joined Petrogenium as a Principal Consultant EO/EG Technology and Manufacturing.

Specific area of expertise:
Process Safety: Deep expertise in specific EO/EG process safety with exposure to HAZOP, Desk Top Safety Reviews, Reactive Hazard Analysis and BowTie analysis. Peter also conducted Process Safety Training at manufacturing sites and led Pre-Start up Safety Reviews.

Concept Development: In his career Peter developed several concepts for debottlenecking, energy saving, catalyst selection and design improvements to increase margin for manufacturing. Peter also has exposure to Concept Development Challenges on developing technologies.

Manufacturing and Operations support: Peter worked on a wide variety of process optimization including development of optimization and surveillance tools combined with operator training with the goal to define the most optimal operating mode and definition of a credible Turn Around scope.