Martin van den Heuvel

Principal Consultant

Martin is a driven Maintenance- and Inspection engineer with over 40 years experience in Oil- and Gas. He worked for Shell in the Netherlands, supporting globally assets and was the last 6 years in a global advisory role for inspection technology application and deployment.

His specific areas of expertise are the building and optimization of inspection & maintenance processes with a focus on the application of Risk and Reliability Management, RRM.

Martin’s has been very successful is the development of a Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection, MISI, a methodology with focus on reducing the inspection scope for turn arounds. Key to MISI is the implementation of a mature RBI analysis combined with advanced non-destructive testing technologies to support Non-Intrusive Inspection.

In his global role he has been leading the PETROBOTPROJECT, an EU sponsored project to develop robots for inspection and maintenance. The application of sophisticated Drones for inspection are examples of the recent Digitalization journey he was involved with.

The value delivered using MISI are high, T/A cost savings up to 50%, significant reductions in T/A days and reduction of the number of confined space entries (HSSE).

Martin joined Petrogenium in 2019 as technology expert for Inspection & maintenance.