Mae Ascan

Client Director

Mae is a fuels expert with almost 30 years of experience. Her passion for quality is deeply-rooted as her career was centered on this – from research on the fitness-for-purpose impact of components/additives, supply chain’s end-to-end risk assessments for a business’ informed-decision process, technical audits for improving operational performance, development of structured processes for a consistent product quality, market deployment and up to trainings of production staff, marketing teams and end-users/customers.

As a fuels scientist, she has done >50 quality risk assessments for Asia Pacific China/Hong Kong and Africa that helped in understanding reputational risk for the company. This includes use of bio-components like methyl esters and alcohols (ethanol and methanol), and lower value refinery streams like pyrolysis gasoline. Mae gained these skills during her 11 years of consultancy stint with Shell fuels technology in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her exposure as laboratory manager for the 28 terminals/depots in the Philippines/North Pacific Islands was her building blocks, from the testing/analysis, operations and collaborations with refineries.

Mae left Shell in 2020 and started her own consultancy. In 2022, she joined Petrogenium as a consultant.