Louis Jacobs

Principal Consultant

Louis is an all-round Fired Heater and Combustion specialist with over 37 years of experience within research and development, basic designs, HAZOP, IPF studies, start-up & commissioning, acceptance testing, lecturing, troubleshooting, RCA’s, integrity reviews and de-commissioning. These activities covered a broad range of applications in downstream & upstream industry (off/on shore), chemicals, LNG and storage facilities. Louis’ experience was gained within Shell Global Solutions for servicing both internal as well as for external customers.

Besides experience in various refinery fired heaters like for distillation, hydro-treating and thermal cracking, Louis is also familiar with olefin cracking furnaces and utility equipment like boilers and heat recovery steam generators. With increasing focus on the environmental aspects of fired heaters, reduction of pollutant emission, CO2 reduction programs, Carbon capture and storage, flue gas treatment as well as electrification of fired heaters have become an integral part of Louis’ work. Louis represented Shell in NEN, EN and ISO committees on safeguarding of fired equipment.

By the end of 2020, Louis decided to leave Shell and to start his own consultancy company. In 2021, he joined Petrogenium on a part-time basis.