José Salazar

Principal Consultant

José is a senior Process Engineer with expertise in Energy Efficiency and Process Optimization in Refineries. Wide experience in combustion, from R&D activities, to particular applications of traditional and alternative fuels in thermal units from refineries and power generation plants. José has developed and used methodologies to evaluate process furnaces, boilers and flares using dedicated software and test runs in the field, which allowed reducing energy consumption and improving the process reliability. One specific part of the thermal units are the burners, which the evaluation, design and modification to improve combustion and thermal efficiency is part of José’s core competency. José add to his knowledge of the Oil & Gas a deep know how of industrial chemistry, having worked in the formulation, production and evaluation of chemical products for crude oil production to avoid deposition of asphaltenes, paraffins or others. Also formulated anti-corrosion additives for gas treatment after the production well, and combustion additives to improve combustion efficiency for heavy residual fuel oils. In the latest years, José has been sharing his knowledge through integrated projects for training and coaching in-situ to engineers, managers and even operators.

José has acquired his wide experience working for the R&D center of PDVSA where he worked in projects in all the Venezuelan’s refineries. After he left PDVSA he became a private consultant having projects in all the refineries in Venezuela, Morocco and Chad. Due to his work in different geographical areas, he developed high communication and analytical skills, as well as the ability to integrate multitask groups.