Jack Buehler

Principal Consultant

Jack Buehler has over 40 years of operations, engineering, and commercial experience with Shell, Union Carbide, and DOW Chemical including 15 years focused on energy efficiency, reliability, and GHG reduction. Jack recently retired from Shell as a Principal Engineer for Utilities, Energy/GHG Reduction, Renewables. He has helped Shell identify Energy and GHG reduction opportunities for assets and new capital projects and was most recently working on projects supporting the Energy Transition. He has broad experience working with Downstream Refining and Chemicals, Upstream, and LNG. Jack has conducted energy assessments at the major Shell Americas refinery and chemical sites and supported JVs and 3rd party Energy/GHG Studies. Jack was SME for Utilities and Energy providing utility support to Shell DS assets including troubleshooting, steam optimization, utility reliability studies, and supporting utility integration with new capital projects. Recently since retiring from Shell Jack led an Energy/GHG reduction study at a major U.S. Gulf coast refinery that identified operational/ maintenance/ small capital projects equivalent to a 5% reduction in energy worth $20milion/yr. Prior to joining Shell, Jack worked for Union Carbide and Dow with many roles including Operations Manager, Process Engineering, a Global Technology Team Lead, Feedstock purchasing, conducting 3rd party Due Diligence studies, and JV contract negotiations. At UCC he was leader of Corporate Competitiveness Program which resulted in more than $150MM/yr of energy reduction and variable margin improvement.

Jack has written articles on Energy/ Decarbonization for Hydrocarbon Processing, is member of AIChE and the Ethylene Producers Committee (EPC) for over 15 years and has chaired the EPC Technology sessions at the annual EPC conference. He is active member of the Advisory Board of TIEEP (Texas Industries Energy Efficiency Program). When not consulting Jack enjoys bike riding and jogging.