Heinrich Büsch

Principal Consultant

Heinrich is a highly experienced optimisation expert with a strong background as well in petrochemicals as in refining. After many years of working at the Oil-Chemical interface of Shell he decided to join the refining business where he excelled as well in the optimisation of the crude oil supply to various Shell refineries in Europe as in the optimisation of a joint-venture refinery of Shell. In this position he managed the optimisation of the refinery, tackling issues from day-to-day business over yearly to medium-term planning. He thrives in identifying the most economic mode of operation of refineries under challenging and ever changing economic circumstances. He uses his strong analytical skills for the improvement of the refining margin by applying his in depth knowledge of the refining and supply business. He is an expert in using LP models ( Haverly Systems, Aspen Tech) as well for the monthly optimisation, the most economic choice of crude oils as for the economic evaluation of improvement projects for refineries. He has shown his ability to achieve strong contributions to the refinery margin not only for Shell refineries but also in the more challenging environment of a multi-partner j. v. – refinery.