Gerhard Köbe

Managing Consultant

Gerhard is an all-round commercial expert of the Downstream Oil Industry. He developed his extensive expertise during 35+ years of hands-on work in various positions for Shell and Shell Joint ventures. Despite being based most of his career in Germany, he for many years successfully led international sales teams across Central and Eastern Europe.

Gerhard is very passionate about maximising value creation for customers and has an outstanding track record of success in a variety of projects in Business-2-Consumer, Business-2-Business sales, marketing, and merger and acquisition support.

Gerhard joined Petrogenium in 2017 as Managing Consultant.

Throughout his career Gerhard obtained very deep expertise in change management whilst leading complex company restructurings and joint venture integrations. He knows how to manage customer handover, harmonising of contracts, and integration of whole Customer Service Centers and their staff successfully.

He contributed and led highly sensitive commercial negotiations and acquired hands-on experience in lobby- and association work.

Gerhard operated in diverse and sometimes challenging multicultural environments: he knows the daily challenge of leading multinational teams.

Gerhard shares our passion of know-how transfer and enjoys passing on his extensive knowledge via tailor-made consulting or coaching activities.