Frans van den Berg

Principal Consultant

Frans is a passionate leader, researcher and world-class expert with more than 35 years’ international experience in Syngas Technologies, Catalysis, Residue Hydroconversion, Gas treating, Crude Oil, Heavy Fuel, Jet Fuel Product Qualities and Emerging Technologies in the Heavy Oil field.

He joined Petrogenium as Principal Consultant Residue Upgrading, Crude Oil and Refining Product Quality in 2017.

Before joining Petrogenium, Frans held a variety of technology and managing positions in Shell and was over many years on the forefront of Shell’s innovation strategy of the “bottom-of-the-barrel” commercial products and upgrading technologies.

During his career he enjoyed to coach many engineers and was giving countless in-house and external courses on Fuel Oil, Crude Oil and general refinery product quality. He has hands-on experience in service delivery and enjoys technology support to commercial clients.