Colin Schaverien

Practice Lead Renewable Resources

Following his PhD in Chemistry in Bristol, and postdoctoral fellowships at MIT and UC Berkeley, Colin spent 30 years in various R&D and Innovation leadership roles in Shell.

Colin drives the renewables resource section. He supports clients particularly in the areas of biofuels, biorefining, and green chemicals where biorefining means the processing or coprocessing in standard refinery units. We have direct hands-on experience with dedicated hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO) using 100% vegetable oils, fats, tallow, and other lipid-like feeds, as well as their coprocessing in both hydrotreaters and FCC units. We also have a lot of direct experience with the coprocessing of various lignocellulosic feeds to produce advanced biofuels. In addition, Colin also supports clients on R&D implementation and execution, technology maturation and scale-up from laboratory to commercialisation as well as technology assessment and technical due diligence.

In his free time, Colin tries to improve his single sculling (rowing) technique and enjoys travelling to off-the-beaten track destinations on vacation.