Clive Beeby

Principal Consultant

Clive is a process control engineer with many years of experience in design, start-up, operation, research & development of process control for Refinery and LNG plants.

His specific areas of expertise include simple and complex base layer control, process automation and multivariable predictive control. He is very experienced in the design, programming, testing, commissioning, and troubleshooting of all levels of process control in both refining and LNG. This includes working with CCC engineers on surge testing and tuning of surge controllers. Clive also ran training courses in tuning and base layer control design whilst working in Shell Global Solutions.

Clive reached his level of expertise through working for 18 years at the Caltex refinery in Sydney, 2 years in a refinery in Thailand, 15 years in Shell Global Solutions (LNG) and 3 years at Yamal LNG.

Clive has worked on numerous projects in Asia, Australia and Europe as a Senior Process Control Engineer and a Process Control Lead. He has also developed a few patents with some of his Shell colleagues.