Christian Hanke

Managing Consultant

With 20 years of experience in the O&G industry, Christian has worked across Europe, Africa and Middle East in a variety of senior management, transformation, commercial, supply & trading, operations and retail roles. He has developed a broad skill set across international management, change management, business planning, optimization, operations, refining, trading and sales.

Christian has managed Aviation Fuelling operations for Central Europe through direct operations and various JVs. He is an experienced dealmaker, negotiating term and spot contracts with all major IOCs; has been responsible for building and running network optimization models and initiating and leading several projects to implement long term supply chain improvements in reliability and competitiveness.

Christian managed ExxonMobil’s entire Commercial Sales activities in BeNeLux, Germany and Switzerland. More recently, he was responsible for transforming ExxonMobil’s Fuel Supply Chain, Trading, Logistics and Optimization divisions globally before beginning to work as a Business Development Consultant.