Andreas Nowak

Managing Consultant

Andreas is an experienced technologist with extensive experience in process research & development, refinery operations and masterplanning, project development, site management and in leading organizations. He built his experience in R&D in cat-cracking, hydrotreating and other refining processes, as technologist in a complex refinery, as project challenger for downstream projects worldwide with focus on process technology and economics, as Business Opportunity Manager for many refining and chemicals projects and programs, including two recovery projects following incidents and as Site Manager for two large R&D Centres.

Andreas worked in Shell refineries and chemical manufacturing sites in The Netherlands and Germany as well as in R&D Centres. He also worked in the Shell’s central Downstream Excellence organization, supporting project development through challenge and assurance activities, globally and in all project phases. In addition, he has facilitated workshops for framing and optimally scoping projects in the concept phase.

In 2020, Andreas left Shell and joined Petrogenium as Managing Consultant.