In these challenging times, with tight margins, refiners need to watch every penny and look even harder at minimising hydrocarbon loss. Typically your hydrocarbon loss should be less than 1% mass, but are you as good as you can be? Losses less than 0.15% mass? Unlikely.

Even a 0.5% mass improvement in losses on a 100k bbl/day refinery (at a hydrocarbon price at 100 $/bbl) could give an additional $10-20 million per year Gross margin. Are you leaving money on the table by not doing the simple things right? Often the basics are forgotten or neglected. Petrogenium can help.

The key areas our team of experts can address: feedstock intake and product export, inventory changes, world-class mass balance accounting practices, and best practice management governance. With relatively low investment, an asset owner can achieve a much higher return in just one year. With a holistic, all-in approach, Petrogenium can help a refinery or petrochemical plant save those extra pennies.

A growing number of Petrogenium clients are facing a relatively high hydrocarbon loss (way above 0.5%m) with a potential average revenue leak of $17 million a year. No asset owner can afford that kind of haemorrhage off of a refinery bottom line.

Issues with hydrocarbon mass balance are also on the rise – an application of conservation of mass to the analysis of physical systems. Refineries and petrochemical plants need to have a good handle on their feedstock intake, the products exported and shifts in inventory. In practice, some mass cannot be easily measured and becomes ‘hydrocarbon loss’ – either ‘unaccounted loss’ (like flare emissions) or ‘physical loss’ (molecules lost or miscalculated or spilled into the environment).

No refinery or plant can afford the financial or reputational risk that hydrocarbon loss entails. Petrogenium can help a refinery or plant achieve synergies and maintain or return to profitability.

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