Oil & Gas production

“Imagine…..you need to plan and verify your upcoming drilling campaign. Due to exceptional weather conditions you are uncertain about sending either two or three supply vessels. With the latest simulation technology we assist you in making that decision. It allows you to finish the drilling campaign cost-effectively and on time…”

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Oil & Gas production

This is a typical example of how we work and what we would like to help you with: from seemingly small problems to investment decisions and improvement programs.

Our oil & gas production services are based on our experience of servicing a large number of operating companies throughout the world. Our consultants know exactly what it is like to be in your shoes. We may show you possibilities to get more out of your assets that you were not even aware of yet.

As your technical and business solutions service provider, we play a partnering role in helping you to identify value propositions. In oil and gas production, we support our clients with services ranging from above-surface operation unit troubleshooting, asset management to logistics and supply chain optimization. Our services are listed in more detail below.

Our oil and gas production services include:

  • Above-surface asset improvement and license to operate:
    • Operational health check or troubleshooting support, e.g. oil/water separation and gas treating units
    • Fouling mitigation
    • Corrosion abatement
    • Turnaround support (e.g. decontamination strategy)
  • Oil and gas infrastructure and logistics optimization:
    • Drilling campaign resource verification and schedule optimization
    • LNG annual delivery planning generation, optimization & robustness testing
    • Offshore maintenance campaign simulation and optimization: (e.g. fleet and resource sizing)
    • Project inbound and outbound infrastructure and resource planning; optimization under uncertainty effects
    • Asset expansion infrastructure verification (e.g. harbor utilization, logistics review)
    • Supply chain optimization (production storage, fleet sizing)
  • Midstream logistics verification and optimization (storage sizing, connectivity optimization)