Welcome to the world of Services by Petrogenium.

Imagine “…you are concerned on your CO2 efficiency. You are performing in the lower quartiles and your shareholders demand improvement at low capex costs. You are looking for seasoned professionals who may help you to perform an external review on CO2 efficiency improvement measures. To determine a realistic potential. Contact Petrogenium. Your partner in improvement.”

  • Help our clients to get the best out of their business, now and in the future: to make and offer the right products, to ensure reliable operations and to maximise margins
  • Support our clients’ drive towards sustainable operations by providing a roadmap towards high energy and CO2 efficiency and optimum use and manufacture of first generation and advanced biofuels, bioenergy and biochemicals.

As your technical and business solutions service provider, we play a partnering role in helping you to identify value propositions. Our consultants know exactly what it is like to be in your shoes. Our services are backed up with experience and knowledge gained by servicing a large base of operating companies throughout the world. We may show you new insights to get more out of your assets that you were not even aware of yet.

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