Petrogenium USA LLC Press Release

6th May 2021

Petrogenium is proud to announce the opening of its office in Houston, Texas. “As experienced asset managers, Petrogenium brings an owner’s mentality as independent trusted advisors for our customers. Now we can also support them from our Houston office, servicing existing assets and the transition from an oil and gas to an alternative energy hub,” said Tammo Beshuizen, Founder and Managing Partner.

At the helm of Petrogenium USA LLC will be Paul Newman, President, and Greg Hall, as Client Directors and Managing Consultants. “The orderly transition IS the energy transition,” said Paul Newman. “Asset managers worldwide are considering how to bridge the gap between the traditional energy markets and the future, this is where Petrogenium can help.”

“While Petrogenium is not new to the industry, we are excited to welcome this new addition to our customers. Greg and Paul are uniquely positioned to help us leverage our collective talent, experience, and capability to provide support to existing businesses as well as help the energy transition in the Americas,” says Stefan Kardos, Partner. “Paul and Greg can truly enhance our business’s global reach with a local touch in the Americas. We see tremendous opportunities there with an increasing focus on renewables, the energy transition roadmaps and strategic master planning,” said Stefan.

With consulting experience at 40+ blue chip oil and gas clients, and a bench strength of over 120+ consultants with an average experience of 25 years, Petrogenium can draw upon expertise across a wide range of specialities. “We have walked in the shoes of our customers, and know the challenges first-hand they are facing. We can identify the risks, costs, and potential outcomes facing our customers. We can help them to do the calculus as to what makes financial as well as operational sense, based on what we have learned from our collective experience over the years. Whether addressing the energy transition, new business models or disruptive technologies like digitalisation, business improvement or master planning, we’ve got a specialist for that. You can’t manage the energy transition from an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint – you have to have been there, and done that,” remarked Paul Newman.

“With the pace of change accelerating, the next 20 years are going to be much more dynamic and transformational than the last – requiring more responsive processes and decision-making,” said Greg Hall. “This industry consolidation and transition will require different resourcing models, reliant on reduced in-house expertise. This will be Petrogenium’s sweet spot – the mindset and commitment of internal stakeholders, and the value of our experience. North American oil and gas companies will need thoroughly developed, staged business plans which take the long game. These must incorporate optimal sustainability and decarbonisation elements with ‘no-regret’ investments,” he said. “Coalition collaboration – between companies, government, academia and special interest groups – will increasingly drive the 2.0 operating models and skills of our customers. With our local network – both in Texas and around the Americas – we are well placed to tap into these coalitions.”

Petrogenium feels the moment is right for a neutral, independent trusted advisor, with no cross selling of software or licenses. With industry turmoil characterized by unprofitable assets, downturns in productions, staff reductions and divestment, mergers and transitions, it is easy for asset owners to become distracted. With distraction often comes neglect of the business essentials and operational basics. With Petrogenium’s unique stepping-stone approach to an orderly transition, Petrogenium can safeguard business value for all stakeholders undergoing rapid transformation. The outcome ensures a sustainable, safe, and profitable operation as assets convert from the old economy to a greener, more sustainable future. Experienced hands can effectively de-risk the asset transformation process, from the refinery floor to chemicals to the full value chain.

Petrogenium is based in the Netherlands, with consultants in EMEAR, Asia, and the United States. The name comes a combination of Ancient Greek: pétra (Rock) and Latin ingenium (Ingenuity). The colors: black refers to oil where we obtained our experience, and blue sky refers to blue sky thinking using our experience, a “bedrock of talent and expertise”. With considerable experience in its ranks, Petrogenium can not only embed consultants to support customer projects, but also leverage integration across a wide range of disciplines.

For more details, please contact Paul Newman or Greg Hall.