Technical service provider PETROGENIUM B.V., Haarlem, NL and Engineering (CFD) and data analytics specialist AIXPROCESS GmbH, Aachen, Germany, have announced a partnership in developing ‘Digital Twins’ for various technologies in Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas processing.

PETROGENIUM will contribute process technology expertise from their consultants’ wide range of technologies. In addition, they will consult clients in the refining and petrochemical industry regarding the overall steps of digitalising the operation of their production plants.

AIXPROCESS will incorporate their experience in creating ‘Digital Twins’ from other industries (coal-fired power plants and cement production), using their knowledge in CFD simulation as well as their data analytics tools.

Together both parties (say they) can offer the full range of digitalisation steps from off-line data mining in ‘Historians’ to the installation of AI-based, self-learning ‘Digital Twin’ models. Due to this partnership, the basic algorithm of a process technology can be found much faster and technological service of the installed models is ensured out of ‘one hand’.

For more details please contact:

Aixprocess Martin Weng

Petrogenium Thomas Diehl