Gary Hays

Client Director

Gary is a highly experienced international HR professional but also has extensive leadership, business, line management, strategy, R&D, and supervisory board experience.

He specialises in change and talent management and he enjoys helping individuals, teams, businesses (and HR organisations) develop their people and leadership competencies, to improve the business performance.

He particularly understands the people challenges engineers and scientists (and companies) can have in leading chemical, engineering and scientific organisations.

Gary worked at Shell for over 30 years in global HR, technology, business, strategy, project management, and leadership roles, many of which were in Shell Chemicals.

For the last 10 years Gary has consulted for mainly technological companies, ranging from the largest chemical companies in Russia and the Middle East, Kazakhstan’s state oil company and New Zealand’s biggest company, to a series of projects for the European Space Agency.

Gary has frequently demonstrated that he can move between strategic, tactical, and hands-on with ease. He is the author of the recently published book ‘People Matters, People Matter: Personal Experience, Observations & Tools for the Management of Talent and Change’.