Oil & Gas production

Imagine “… your production reliability has been hampered by furnace or gas treating operating issues, and during production you start to wonder if you are actually using the full potential of the integrated chain of Reservoirs, Wells and Production Facilities. We have the expertise to define and bridge that gap and support a stable and safe operation. This is what we do – together – to ensure long term income and value.”

Client Director

This is a typical example of how we work and what we would like to help you with: from seemingly small problems through to investment decisions and improvement programs.

Our oil and gas production services are based on our experience in operating companies throughout the world. Our consultants have over 25 years of experience, have operated plants like yours, and therefore speak from experience and understand the challenges and opportunities you face. We stand next to you as a trusted partner and advisor.

In oil and gas production, we support our clients with deep technical expertise but also with organisational improvement support. Our services are listed in more detail below.
To fully realise the potential of our customers we have a strategic alliance with Petronate to cover the Exploration, Development, and Production expertise and with Talumis for Logistics Expertise.

Our oil and gas production services include:

Subsurface Support, Exploration, Development and Production Services, such as:

  • Reservoir Characterisation & Engineering, including testing, modelling, simulation and optimisation
  • Production Engineering & Technology from sand face to Upper Completion and tie2surface, including integrated production management and optimisation

    Surface processing, asset improvement and ‘license to operate’ activities, such as:

    • Pipeline management and Flow Assurance including Pigging
    • Oil and Gas processing review expertise including, for example, Process Engineering, Materials and Corrosion, Rotating Equipment, Utilities, Waste Water handling and Furnace Technology
    • ‘Operational health check’, troubleshooting and training for gas treating units

      Asset wide programs:

      • Process Safety, facilitation and technology expertise, for HAZOP, LOPA and RCA
      • Oil and gas Logistics and Supply Chain optimisation, including LNG delivery planning optimisation e.g. optimisation of harbour, storage, resources, and fleet sizing
      • Turnaround support, including planning, but also development of an effective decontamination strategy enabling less downtime
      • Training and mentoring activities, e.g. to support development of local talent
      • Overall Asset Management, including HSSE and other regulatory compliance aspects