Is it time for a reality check of your operations?

In these turbulent times, we are all easily distracted by current events. With so much external chaos, it is often hard to focus on the essentials like Manufacturing Excellence. But these fundamentals – so easy to forget – will be crucial to the business surviving and, eventually, thriving.

Many companies have had programs in place which aimed to minimize risk and improve performance, but often we take our ‘eye off the ball’ as we go through cycles of dramatic change. ‘Safety moments’ have become checklists, a mere repetition of old chestnuts when minds are distracted and more ‘urgent’ crises demand our attention.

This year has been characterized by unprofitable assets and turning down production and consequential staff layoffs. A leaders’ survival and resilience are only sustainable with a strong focus on the fundamentals of their operations. With so many expensive, seasoned technical and safety experts being laid off, furloughed or retired, hundreds of years of collective experience has gone out the door. Yet experience matters – now more than ever. Safety and operational excellence never take a COVID vacation. Neglect in the short term can bode for disastrous consequences later.

How well do you think your refinery or processing site is coping with the COVID pandemic and the current downturn? Is your site as safe, reliable and profitable as it used to be? Can a younger, less experienced staff safely handle a crisis or a turnaround? Is it time for an independent health-check?

Our highly experienced, top-tier team of Petrogenium manufacturing experts, who have asset owner experience can review your performance against the characteristics of a well-managed site to help ensure you remain a safe, reliable and profitable operation in a crisis.

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Stefan Kardos
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Client Director & Managing Consultant
Paul Newman
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