Flutura, a Houston-based industrial IoT intelligence provider, has just announced a multi-year agreement with Petrogenium to deliver fully integrated and digitalized projects, products and services. This agreement brings together the unique expertise of Petrogenium and Flutura’s next-gen subject matter expertise in energy sector digitalization.

“Flutura offers a blueprint for a digitalization future for our customers, working from the equipment to the process and then the system level,” said Paul Newman, President of Petrogenium. “Many companies are still struggling to get digitalization off the ground to deliver both value and scale. Petrogenium with Flutura can deliver deep engineering and domain expertise, combining operational knowledge with Flutura’s grounding in economics and data science. The result is profitable operations that meet current shareholder demands, as well as de-risking future operations and reducing time to value. This is a win-win for our customers.”

Flutura, an energy AI company scaling customers into the digital age, powers large scale operational transformation using its industry pioneering Cerebra Cognitive Digital Twin solution. Flutura’s Cerebra Portfolio of Industrial AI solutions, ranked #1 by customers in the industry gold standard, Gartner’s Voice of Customer research, leverages deep verticalized Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities to impact operational efficiency improvements and system reliability to support organizations through their digitalization and Energy Transition journeys.

“We are excited to partner with Petrogenium,” says Srikanth Muralidhara, Flutura’s co-founder & Chief Customer Officer. “With its deep subject matter expertise in process excellence and first-quartile refinery performance, Petrogenium is in an excellent partner to transform digitization efforts in the energy industry. Our combined expertise can support energy and manufacturing companies unlock significant value from their current operation,” he said. “With the current focus on how to operationalize the energy transition, the industry is at an inflection point. This agreement will help the smooth transition during this period of rapid change and resilience.”

Flutura is a pioneering Industrial AI company focused on unlocking high-value operational outcomes for the Energy, Chemicals, Process Manufacturing & Heavy Engineering industries. Its industry-leading platform Cerebra has advanced capabilities to integrate First Principle-based and Machine Learning based models to generate actionable business insights for reliability, production excellence, supply chain, and quality functions to impact yield, uptime & sustainability outcomes for industrial facilities.

For more information on how Petrogenium and Flutura can support your business, contact: Paul.Newman@petrogenium.com.